Hospital Management Consultancy

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At techniche Imunita we provide consultancy for effective management of upcoming healthcare ventures as well as expansion and revival consultancy for existing hospitals. Our proficiency for perfect planning and execution creates distinguished projects. Our vision and precise analysis helps in transforming buildings into high end healthcare complexes. Our design and planning is unique as both functionality and visual acumen is considered. We have advisory services for business expansion, rejuvenation and renovation for existing healthcare set up. Our team of experts after careful evaluation and analysis assist in perfect and prompt delivery of projects. Our services such as market survey, analysis, optimum resource utilization assisting your business escalating to next level. Our accreditation assistance service helps you to feature as quality healthcare provider. We provide fundraising assistance which raises your capital thereby facilitating development of well equipped hospital with state of the art facilities. At techniche Imunita our experts work in the various niche areas in a coordinated manner to deliver best quality projects comprehensively.

Services Offered

Project Estimation

This provide you research based feasible revenue estimation based on your requirements in the project

Cost- benefit analysis

Our team after detailed analysis and market survey provides you report regarding the benefits and utility of capital investment.

Architectural Design

We strive to have patient friendly architectural design with maximum utility and pleasing appearance

Designing of 3-D Model

A 3D model structure design helps you view the structure beforehand and recommend changes based on the observation.

Financial Stability Report

Financial expert team generates a report regarding the financial stability of your institute and suggests measures to improve for profit gaining and maintenance of stable funds.

Facility Management Planning

Facilities once installed must be managed properly and should generate maximum productivity. For proper utilization of invested resources facility management planning encompasses essential aspect in our consultancy services.

Equipment Purchase Support

We provide thorough assistance for planning and purchasing of latest high quality equipments in a cost effective manner.

Vendor Management

Planning and Clinical Visioning.

Proposal Writing

Business up gradation

Expansion of existing set up requires input of human and financial resources. With our expertise we guarantee exhaustive utilization of the resources for secured up gradation of the existing set up.

Funding Strategies

In order to revive and maintain a healthcare venture funds form the basis. Proper funding strategies help you develop and maintain your healthcare venture harmoniously.

Manpower Planning

Human resources form the fundamental area for development in order to increase the productivity and efficiency of any healthcare set up. Planning of available human resource and upgradation of doctors and nurses through training sessions and continuous medical education (CME) is necessary to sustain in the dynamic field of healthcare.

Market Intelligence Survey

Any business set up flourishes when the market intelligence survey guarantees the profit for the establishment. Techniche Imunita considers market intelligence survey as the pivotal step before planning and designing of all our projects.


Healthcare set up are digitalized with 24*7 essential IT support. We provide digitalization of the entire set up with trained IT support to encounter any mishaps as any technical failure collapses the entire system of the hospital.

  • Revenue Cycle Management:-
    We help you efficiently handle your revenue cycle management process for billing of the patients, collection of revenue, insurance claim and tracking of patients regarding bill payment.
  • Finance Transformation
  • Advance Technology Guidance
  • International Recognition
  • Support For Modification
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Due Diligence
  • Infrastructure Audit

Support for, NABH, NABL, ISO accreditation

In order to mark high quality standards it is of utmost importance to have NABH, NABL or ISO accreditation.

  • SOP Writing
  • Policies
  • Tariffs
  • Trainings
  • Hospital Management Information System
  • GAP Audits
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