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Enjoy your complete treatment and recovery holidays across India with techniche Imunita. We provide you with high quality medical facilities harbored in multispecialty hospitals offering wide expertise in the areas of Cosmetic Surgery, Dental care, Heart Surgeries, Coronary Bypass, Heart Check up, Valve replacements, Knee Replacements, Oncology treatments, ENT surgeries, Orthopedic treatments, Eye surgeries, traditional Indian healing practices such as Ayurvedic Therapies. We help you with each and every aspect of medical treatment and recovery. Techniche Imunita facilitates comfortable and feasible accommodations for patients accompanied by their family members. With proper guidance and support you choose the best out of the innumerable treatment options in India. We offer end to end assistance and help you recover speedily and happily.

Our Objectives
  • To provide quality health services to individuals across the world
  • Meticulously planned feasible medical tour
  • 24*7 complete assistance for patients seeking medical treatment in India
  • Post treatment consultation and health status evaluation
Our Mission

Our teams of experts are diligent in providing high quality medical facilities with premium care.

Services We Offer

Complete Medical Consultation

We help you to connect with the specialists in the field of your interest. A thorough consultation is provided before you land for treatment in the country. Based upon the expert advice you can choose your course of treatment.

Guide To Hospitals And Surgeons

Based upon your treatment needs we offer you multiple options of hospitals and eminent surgeons for treating your medical condition.

Doctors/Surgeons Appointment

Once your course of treatment is decided we schedule your personal appointments with doctors/ surgeons.

Hospital Admission And Other Procedures

We take care of all the procedures and formalities required to complete before hospital admission and execution of treatment/ surgery

Pre Hospitalization

We schedule your pre hospitalization checkups and necessary counseling is provided before the treatment begins


We are vigilantly monitoring the treatment provided to you and are always there in case of emergency situations.

Support for special/ differently abled individuals

Differently abled individuals are given special care and treatment catering to their different needs.

Post recovery consultation and therapies

Post recovery consultations are provided along with therapies for healing and speedy recovery

Travel, Visa and Foreign exchange assistance

Once your travel schedule is fixed we make arrangements for your travel, visa. We assist you in procuring foreign exchange as well.

Food Management

We are diligent in providing meals of your choice during your entire stay

Complete assistance to your family for local stay and travel

If you wish to travel with your family for treatment we provide them with proper accommodation and local travel and transport.

Local Touring Guide

After completing treatment schedule if you and your family wish to tour the region we provide entire assistance

Translators For Language Support

For non English speaking patient’s translators help for aiding proper communication between physicians and patient. Patient themselves can converse with the doctors without any difficulty or language barrier.

How Do We Work?
  • Step 1: - Skype/ telephonic conversation about the details of the services
  • Step 2: - devise a customized feasible plan for treatment according to your needs with cost estimation
  • Step 3: - Discussion with you regarding plan and changes consideration according to your suggestions
  • Step 4: - Visa/ Travel/ Stay and hospital appointments scheduled
  • Step 5: - Your arrival and pre hospitalization check ups
  • Step 6: - Hospitalization and treatment schedule
  • Step 7: - Recovery and consultation
  • Step 8: - Your departure
  • Step 8: - Consultation by physicians/surgeons and recovery status evaluation by Skype /telephonic conversation
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