• MMR Vaccine Safety And Efficacy

    "The need and efficacy of MMR vaccine is widely discussed as the vaccine is claimed to have posed serious side effects in children undergoing the immunization program. Our present article deals with the necessity to follow MMR vaccine guidelines to ensure safe and effective immunization programs."

  • Excess Vitamins can lead to….?

    "Despite the fact that nutrients are seen as a decent "characteristic" alternative, it tends to be hazardous if overdose. Taking an excess of nutrients can cause a serious medical issues."

  • Obesity: A concern

    "Office is the place where we spend most of our waking hours; it’s also the place virtually ready-made for putting on weight. Obesity should not be given just a cosmetic consideration as it is harmful to one’s health leading to many health risks. Here are some of the simple ways how you could stay healthy and fit at your workplace too."

  • Your cholesterol levels might be on the borderline

    "Cholesterol itself isn’t bad. Your body needs some cholesterol to make hormones, vitamin D, and digestive fluids. Cholesterol also helps your organs function properly. LDL and HDL. Both are lipoproteins, which are compounds made of fat and Protein that are responsible for carrying cholesterol throughout the body in the blood."

  • Fire and Safety Measures: A Need In Today’s Healthcare System

    "Fires can be devastating, especially in a hospital where a large number of people who need to be evacuated are vulnerable patients who are immunocompromised, on life support, and incapable of moving on their own. This is where NABH has taken a step forward to implement fire safety measures by making emergency response plan a mandatory requirement in the hospitals."

  • Fire At State Government-run ESIC Kamgar Hospital, Marol MIDC: 8 Deaths, 145 Injured

    "Death of 8 victims in the fire tragedy has highlighted the concerns about fire safety measures followed in the government run hospitals. The fire broke out at around 4pm on 18 th December 2018, at ESIC hospital. This was a government-run, five-storey facility situated in the MIDC area."

  • Diet and Hypertension

    "Hypertension represents one of the most common cause of heart ailments and associated morbidity. Dietary modifications along with medications is the treatment strategy adopted to confront the hypertension problem."

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