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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Anamay is an inclusive health package specifically designed for health risk assessment and prevention of fatal illnesses in manufacturing industries and corporate sector employees. Anamay ensures healthy employees which are significant for any business set up to flourish and prosper. We offer pragmatic solutions to the health problems faced by your employees across gender and age groups.

Anamay helps you to take informed health decisions. We believe that the groundwork for happiness is health. Therefore, we strive for enhancing the quality of life we are living by health risk assessment and solutions. This preventive strategy helps you to live happily, without miseries by implementing measures prior to the onset of disease.

Anamay is a breakthrough health solution formulated by experienced health experts and seasoned engineers. Anamay means without miseries, our goal is to aid present generation in adopting health solutions to get rid of existing mental and physical miseries. The foundation of Anamay lies in preventing and curing an individual by modulating ones immunity. With Anamay we ensure to escalate the quality of life along with longevity by strengthening the immune system and assisting the body to fight and eliminate diseases.

Such employment benefit packages helps in retention and attraction of employees. In long run investing in preventive healthcare solutions is equal to investing into resources. Unhealthy employees count for more losses which are debilitating for businesses where sudden replacements of equal caliber are impossible. Such policies are beneficial to employers as the efficiency and productivity escalates. This enables ventures to be successful and profitable.

From Directors Desk

Our bodies and each system within should be treated as a whole, not as collection of its parts. At Techniche Imunita we provide health solutions with this system biology approach. We consider in order to build a resilient, healthy society it is essential to identify the underlying causes of illness and associated health risks.

What We Offer

Medical Guidance

Based on your health assessment conducted seasoned medical experts suggest you lifestyle interventions and therapies to curb health risks.

Vigilant medical support, care and prevention

Regular monitoring of health status at intervals ensures prevalence of health risks and helps to combat before aggravation.

Workplace Assessment

Our health solution is unique as we consider number of workplace related factors before estimating risk.

Health Awareness

Health analytics
Is a part of Anamay is a state of the art innovation that predicts and manages health risks effectively
Immunity strengthening
We are blesses with innate ability to cure and fight all diseases with the help of the natural defense system (immunity). Strengthening of immunity increases body capacity to withstand infections and other diseases. At Techniche Imunita we believe in holistic curing by fortifying your ability to cure and resist infections.
Lifestyle Interventions
After thorough investigation regarding nature of work, age, health condition and associated health risk are analyzed. Based on this analysis recommendations are suggested for overcoming faulty life style practices.
Diet and Nutrition Counseling
On the basis of health assessment diet and nutrition counseling is provided to overcome nutritional deficiency.
Certain medical conditions such as arthritis and accident or sports injuries demand physiotherapy. This is an essential therapy along with medication and surgical treatments for healing and rehabilitation.
Psychological Counseling
Emotional well being enables maintenance of physical health. Psychological counseling addresses the emotional health which is most overlooked aspect of health.
Why We

We are pioneering in developing a holistic approach to treat and prevent diseases completely by choosing the best of Allopathy, ayurveda and homeopathy. We believe in personalized treatment to eliminate the root cause of ailments.

We are a perfect and unique amalgamation of Medical expertise and Engineering perfection.

We consider HEALTH, as physical and mental well being. Therefore we enhance quality of life which proportionately improves employees’ efficiency.

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